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Decision Support Systems and Competitive Advantage - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Decision Support Systems and Competitive Advantage,” the author discusses specific classes of computerized information systems that support business, the decision-making activities of organizations and interactive software-based system…
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Decision Support Systems and Competitive Advantage
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Extract of sample "Decision Support Systems and Competitive Advantage"

Download file to see previous pages These systems do not make decisions by themselves, but through the presentation of information in a manner that enables decision-making possible and informed (Power, 2002).
 Their application majorly in most organizations is to help create competitive advantage. This refers to an organization’s resources, capabilities or skills that significantly enhance its success within the market it operates and against rivalry situations it encounters. Such results from carrying out activities better than competitors thus creating value and superior performance to consumers and clients alike (Parsaei, Kolli & Hanley, 1996). A decision support system can only create a competitive advantage for an organization when certain criteria are met. These involve: using it and making it become an important and significant strength of the particular organization once it is implemented; being unique and proprietary to the organization and taking of the advantage provided by its sustainability until the adequate payback is received, which normally takes at least three years. These criteria have to be carefully considered to derive the benefits of the decision support systems throughout (Power & Business Expert Press, 2009).
 Managers have increasingly integrated the use of decision support systems in their organizations through the use of sophisticated data-driven systems to obtain information that was initially present in ordinary files and those on computer storage systems (Green, Stankosky & Vandergriff, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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