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Transition Plans for Special Education Students - Essay Example

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and Ferrara, D. (2005). Promoting post-school success for all: The role of collaboration in person-centered transition planning. Journal of Education and Psychological Consultation. (16.4): 278-313. DOI: 10.1207/s1532768Xjepc1604_4
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Transition Plans for Special Education Students
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"Transition Plans for Special Education Students"

Download file to see previous pages 288) and identified a gap in collaboration between parents and students and a variation between reported and actual levels of collaboration. Importance of collaboration, self determination, person-specific planning, and empirical studies for effective transition planning are explored with recommendations for empirical studies on collaboration based person-centered planning for planning and implementation of transition process (Michaels and Ferrara, 2005).
The article is explorative of its objectives and its reliance on external sources and scope as a peer-reviewed article identifies its credibility and reliability to inform a new study. Its theme is also consistent with my topic on transition plans in special education and this makes it a suitable source for developing background information into my study (Michaels and Ferrara, 2005).
The article is based on an empirical study towards a model for improving transition planning for students with disability. The authors note that while self-determination concept is recommended for effective transition plans, students are seldom involved in meetings for developing transition plans. The students’ interest that would facilitate development and implementation of transition plans is therefore not captured and teachers’ failure to include instruction on self-determination in their course materials is a factor. Barely 50% of the study’s participants reported inclusion of instruction on self-determination in their lectures and they regarded importance of the instructions (Thoma, Baker and Saddler, 2002).
The study’s small sample size threatens reliability of its results but its empirical approach and reliance on other author’s knowledge resolves this weakness and develops its validity. It also relates to my proposed study and will therefore offer significant background hypothesis for development of problem statement and research questions (Thoma, Baker and Saddler, 2002).
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