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Moving between Different Care Environments - Assignment Example

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This research study “Moving between Different Care Environments” is more focused on the change one has to undergo because of health issues. Shifts in social and health care are mostly planned, anticipated and voluntary, anticipated and planned changes…
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Moving between Different Care Environments
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Download file to see previous pages Maybe the shift is required due to care needs, extensive in nature, that can’t be provided at home. In care institutions, most passionate care is granted. Changing accommodation may be for the sake of getting a supportive shelter. According to Norman (1977:102), such a shift can bring as much nervous tension to persons as mourning. A great number of problems and difficulties are associated with such movements, and these are experienced more by the people seeking intense care as lodging and care are interrelated in several ways. It will be explained with the help of a few case studies.
The impact of such movement on people requiring care can be in various ways, positive or negative. Depending on the personality of the concerned individual, his attitude towards such change ultimately the individual’s illness and disability may be regarded as factors leading to the success or failure of such transition. The type of shift may also influence individuals, for instance, a temporary movement like from home to a hospital for check-up won’t be stressing but long term shifts from home to any other place may cause great alterations in life. Similarly, the kind of setting may also influence individuals depending upon their nature like for instance people demanding more privacy may get irritated if shifted to a crowded place.
Few of these care environments require daily attendance while others are for long term purpose. The individuals undergoing a shift between home and childminders or daycare units may suffer fear, anxiety, and depression due to the novelty of the place. Some of these transitions may be used to compare the way people involved were affected and posted their responses. Considering the losing home transition, it can be regarded similar to mourning as it evokes similar feelings of grief, anger, and pain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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