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Interviw - Case Study Example

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This essay is a presentation on some of the findings that emerged from the interview. It outlines details such as the personal details of the interviewee that…
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Extract of sample "Interviw"

Download file to see previous pages In the course of discussing my findings, I will include a comparison to the characteristics of adult learning as presented in Merriam and Bierema’s (2014) Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice.
The respondent in the interview is female. Her name is Mariam Aleide. She is 27 years old. This is consistent with Merriam and Bierema’s definition of an adult (2014, p.11), where they point out that an adult is one whose age, social roles and sense of self perception define them as such-as adults. Therefore, her identity as an adult, apart from her age, is also a factor of her having multiple roles in society Merriam and Beirema (2014, p.12). For example, Aleide points out that she is a wife, a mother, and has a job as a teacher, apart from being a student. This distinguishes her as an adult as per the standards set in the text.
The economic aspect of Aleide’s life is not easy to decipher. However, given the number of activities she has been a part of, one may infer that she is in a position to afford the various types of education. One the other hand, she points out that her mother had to sponsor her in matters to do with her baby. This shows that there may be a bit of financial struggle. This is predicted by Merriam and Bierama’s work. The roles taken on by Aleide as a wife, mother and student all require some level of financial contribution.
Technologically, Aleide is proficient in computer programs. She specifies that she has a basic understanding of Microsoft office programs. In their work, Merriam and Bierema (2014, p.5) point out that due to globalization, there has been a rising demand for proficiency in computer programs. As such, by gaining basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Packages, Aleide is on consistency with ideas of the text; she incorporates the knowledge and use of technology into her learning endeavors. This is reported to ease the learning process, especially since she is a student in a country that is highly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interviw Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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