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Case student of a site of adoult learning in san antoino - Essay Example

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“Curves” refer to a fitness club which provides online information to individuals regarding losing weight. The organisation has…
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Case student of a site of adoult learning in san antoino
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"Case student of a site of adoult learning in san antoino"

Download file to see previous pages The clubs operated by curves, however, only provide fitness services to women.
The organisation was founded by enthusiasts of fitness, Gary and Diane Heavin, who have been involved in fitness advertising. The founder had a passion for sharing information regarding health and fitness to women. The first club targeted women and provided comprehensive 30 minute fitness sessions, which proved to be highly effective. The successes realised by the first two clubs resulted in the massive expansion of the club. The club began undertaking educational training to people on how to operate fitness clubs, in different communities. This created the current franchise of curves, which reached over 7000 outlets in less than a decade. The organisation has been identified as the fastest growing franchise, globally, with presence in 85 countries and running over 10,000 outlets. Initial training, of the individuals running the outlets, ensures the organisation maintain s uniform operating standards.
Within the online site of the company people can learn a lot regarding physical fitness as well as other elements regarding healthy living. The site provides free information on various aspects of fitness, including exercising, losing weight, among many others. The focus of the website is women, who commonly lack information regarding physical exercises which help individuals maintain their fitness. The website provides answers to fitness questions which visitors might have, absolutely free. The organisation provides information to empower members towards adopting fitness measures which enhance their health(Merriam & Bierema, 2014). The organisation itself provides very effective methods of keeping fit through exercise. The organisation has created a signature 30-minute workout which has been fundamental in ensuring the popularity of the clubs, globally. This approach ensures individuals running on a busy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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