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Research Methods in Education (Topic Question undecided) - Essay Example

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A majority of educators and school officials all over the world, believe that there is a correlation between a mandatory school uniform policy and a positive school climate (Murray, 1997). An American school teacher with several years of teaching in American public schools as…
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Research Methods in Education (Topic Question undecided)
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Download file to see previous pages A quantitative study conducted on 415 students and 83 teachers in public schools in the US revealed that students and teachers in schools with uniform policies generally felt safer, had higher self-esteem and more positive attitudes toward school climate, than students and teachers in public schools where no uniform policies were in place (Wade & Stafford, 2003).
A study conducted by Gottfredson and Gottfredson (2001) involving 848 school principals in the US indicate that one of the main activities that schools implement to improve student behaviour and academic outcomes is to improve school climate. Implementing mandatory school uniform policies have been a subject of much discussion with increasing interest in its relationship to improved school climate. It has been suggested that the mere implementation of a school uniform policy at the very least symbolizes a school’s commitment to school climate change and this perception alone improves student outlook and performance (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 1998).
Brunsma and Rockquemore (2003) observe however that with all the interest in the link between school uniform policies and school climate and the importance of school climate to student behaviour, safety and academic achievement, research on the significance of school uniform is sorely lacking. Much of the research is purely theoretical or uses flawed methods. Therefore, more research is needed on the implications and effectiveness of mandatory school uniforms (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 2003). This proposed research will thus fill a gap in the literature by examining and analysing the extent to which a mandatory school uniform policy effects perceptions of school climate. It is anticipated that this research will provide empirical evidence of student and teachers’ perception of school uniform and its relationship to school climate and will identify areas for further ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Research Methods in Education (Topic Question Undecided) Essay.
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