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In the paper “Competency through an academic preparation” the author describes his interest in engineering and management.  He would like to make this interest a specialized profession by first equipping himself the necessary competency…
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Competency through an academic preparation
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"Competency through an academic preparation"

Download file to see previous pages I believe that my genuine interest for the profession and the proven program of Gannon University would enable me to successfully complete the program.
I have completed a degree in Business Administration from Arab Open University. I also have an experience working in the industrial sector and this made me appreciate the necessity of pursuing a degree in Engineering Management to better the prospect of my career and become one of the organization leaders of Operation department in the industrial sector.
I am always ready to take risk and work hard. I keep a dynamic mind and always want to update my knowledge on my area of interest. I believe these qualities would contribute much to pursue my degree without much difficulty. There are many reasons why I believe I can do well in my studies. I am systematic in addition to being a hard worker. I do not procrastinate tasks for the next day and I am not daunted by challenging tasks. In fact, the more challenging the task, the more enthusiastic I become to resolve it.
My previous professional experience can prove it. This attitude of mine in dealing tasks and studies made Jubail United Petrochemicals Company (SABICs Affiliate: one of the largest Petrochemicals company in the world) to offer me a comprehensive experience when I was acting as team leader in the Department of Operation. I was involved in the project construction, commission, start up, shut down, trouble shouting, turn around and catalyst replacement of a huge Ethylene Oxide / Ethylene Glycol plant. This experience trained me to lead, analyze various situations and also to cope with emergency scenarios. I also gained knowledge in technical, safety and basic engineering knowledge which I believe are helpful in my studies.
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