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Trust Circles and Communication - Essay Example

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Teaching can be the most satisfying profession in the world, especially with the varied challenges it throws up. Creating awareness and making sure the information is retained in one's sub conscious mind, in order to come to the fore when encountering practical situations where this information may by used, is the biggest challenge facing a teacher…
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Trust Circles and Communication
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Extract of sample "Trust Circles and Communication"

Download file to see previous pages This dissertation will prompt a debate into the methodologies and systems attached to this trend in terms of effectiveness and practical experience through the analysis that has been carried out by the author.
Trust Circles may be defined as the creation of circles within which the students can develop interpersonal skills. These circles are meant to help the children talk and communicate in order to understand and to be better understood. The following are the main elements of trust circles or what is commonly referred to as circle time: (Kidd, 2003)
There is use of a "talking object" which the children can identify with. This gives them the comfort level to talk, and creates a sense of discipline so that they do not all talk at once because only the person holding the talking object can talk. The teacher monitors who the object goes to.
Communication is key in teaching. This involves two-way communication - from the teachers and from the students. In this regard, trust circles are best utilized in an environment driven by intrinsic motivation so as to develop communicative competencies through methodologies based in competition and cooperation - both of which are interactive in nature. This helps the students rise to challenges and make the best of various situations through appropriate communication methods. (Kidd, 2003)

The reason I feel that this framework supports the use of technologies like multimedia through an emphasis on motivation and affective filter hypothesis, revolves around the fact that the trust circles try to promote better means of communication between all kinds of professionals. It provides the requisite standards within which educational administrators, course designers, and teachers, teacher trainers, examining bodies, etc., may design their sessions to accommodate to varied needs. (Kidd, 2003)

Further, the framework presents a wide scope within its standards to reach into an individual's latent energy by separating the elements of language competence so as to effectively deal with complexities that arise in learning various things and developing interpersonal skills in the process. This taxonomic nature of the framework of trust circles and circle time also offers a wide scope for a deep analysis of psychological and pedagogical problems. This in turn helps apply the principles of the motivational models in context of the affective filter hypothesis. Therefore, through an emphasis on the communication approach, the Framework creates a separation of the elements that contribute to competency, by playing the role of a social agent in an intercultural environment. (Shekhan, 1995)

For a healthy development of these elements, the use of methods like trust circles is justified. This is also a departure of the traditional methods of promoting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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