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The Role of Social Specialist in the Elderly Homecare - Research Paper Example

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A paper "The Role of Social Specialist in the Elderly Homecare" reports that the aims were first to prove whether older people had poor access to support than the younger generation. The second aim of the research was to get first-hand information from the older people their perception…
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The Role of Social Specialist in the Elderly Homecare
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Extract of sample "The Role of Social Specialist in the Elderly Homecare"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of the research was to get first-hand information from the older people their perception of the duties and activities of social workers (Manthorpe et al 2008:1133). According to this study, there were mixed perceptions about the role of social specialty in elderly home care. A portion of older people said that social specialists provided essential advice and information about home care. The respondents felt a section of social workers were very helpful. This is because such social workers responded promptly and gave in-depth knowledge about services to meet particular circumstances the elderly people faced. The finding also captured complains from elderly people that the social specialist demonstrated incompetence in the execution of their work. Another section of elderly people expressed their dissatisfaction about the roles of social workers. For instance, the old group cited that the social workers had unhelpful attitudes and misused funds. On top of this, social workers displayed laxity in their response to requests for aids and carrying out social care assessments. Some of the elderly people complained that social specialist refused to offer services to them even after general practitioners made original referral requesting assistance for aging individuals (Manthorpe et al, 2008:1138). Another study in European Journal of Social Work looks at the role of the social specialist in nursing and residential home care. Judith Phillips and Waterson Jan are the principal researchers in this study. The aim of this research was to examine the duties of the social specialist in elderly homecare after England and Wales enacted NHS and Community Care Act of 1990. The researchers felt that duties of social workers in nursing homes for aging had not received enough attention from researchers. The research perceives that there is inadequate literature that relates the responsibilities social caregivers in relation to their clients (Phillips & Waterson, 2002: 171). This study reveals that the roles of social workers in the elderly health care lack proper definition and management. The value of the social dimension, which had been crucial in hospital social work, has deteriorated substantially. According to the results of the study, there are few social specialists in nursing homes for the elderly. This has led to the failure to share and perform daily work tasks in these nursing homes. The few social specialists cannot handle overwhelming requests for assistance of individuals in the old age. The research also points out that some social special lack skills and competencies to conduct their duties. According to the study, this is the major cause of slow response to requests of their clients. However, the study establishes that there are social specialists who have the prowess to deal with matter bedeviling elderly people in nursing homes (Phillips & Waterson, 2002: 177). A third study in Journal of Nursing Management examines the obligations of support workers in nursing homes. This is a case study in England by Julie Baldwin and her colleagues. The objectives of the study were to looks critically at the roles, which social specialist play in the nursing home sector. The research explores kinds of literature that cover the subject matter between 1989 and 2002. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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