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Perception and communication - Article Example

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O. G. P. (November 01, 2011). An exploratory survey of professional accountants perceptions of interpersonal communication in organisations.Journal of Public Affairs, 11, 4, 297-302.
The article “An exploratory survey of professional accountants’…
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Perception and communication
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"Perception and communication"

Download file to see previous pages The main aim is to conduct this study focusing on South African organizations.
The research was conducted in an exploratory manner. For the purpose of achieving its aim, the research was conducted by interviewing a sample of professional accountants. The views on the concept of interpersonal communication varied significantly from other professions as accountants take interpersonal communication as a tool to aid their professional goals, rather than creating unofficial relationships and bonds with fellow colleagues. The study also reveals that organizational communication is perceived as an official channel for accountants to collaborate their efforts; however, communication barriers may hinder the success of communication due to lack of relationships and knowledge about colleagues, their lives and views on issues. The perception about interpersonal communication of accountants, as per the research, seems flawed as they perceive it to be an official means of communication rather than a way to establish social groups and social status for their group.
The main weakness of the article is its primary focus on qualitative rather than quantitative methodology. The article is primarily designed to observe South African organizations and accountants; hence, the applicability of the results and findings on other regions and groups may be questioned. The article provides a thoughtful start to a research; however, it lacks coherence, direction and sufficient supporting evidence.
Considering the strengths of this article, one may conclude that the article is written in simple and easily understandable language. The article follows a logical flow of information starting from the definition of the key terms like perception, interpersonal communication and organizational communication to the conclusion where it achieves its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Perception and Communication Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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