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Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions - Essay Example

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Learners will also be taught how to convert and formulate the International System of Units (SI) to the system used in their country.
2. In each team…
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"Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions"

Download file to see previous pages Once they have laid out their pencil prints, the students must count how many pencil prints they used and give that information to the recorder.
-Group three: Will also use cylinder to measure irregular solid by using water displacement. One cylinder will have liquid in it without an object. This will be the base reading. The students will record that base number. The students will carefully place a group into the next cylinder which the same amount as the control cylinder. The students are to record the findings. To find out the answer the students will subject the volume of the water along from the volume of the water with the object. They will repeat this process using a resin, grape, bead, and olive.
2. To calculate how many textbooks equal your maximum safe load, use a balance to find the mass of one textbook. Next, divide your maximum safe load by the mass of the mass of the textbook. Your answer is the number of textbooks you can safely carry in a backpack. Note that the maximum safe load is given in kilograms.
3. The teacher will give the students two backpacks one large and one small. Load each backpack with the number of textbooks you calculated from one minute and note how it feels. Also observe how empty or full each backpack is.
4. Using a meter stick, measure the length, width, and height in centimeters of each backpack. One of the learners in a group should elongate out the backpacks fully as the other measure them. Record the readings in a data table.
8. Calculate the total number of textbooks of that size that could fit into each backpack, by dividing the volume of each backpack (from step 5) by the volume of one textbook (from step 6). Record the results for each backpack in your data table.
9. Calculate the total mass of the textbooks that could fit into each backpack by multiplying the mass of one textbook (from step 2. By the total number of textbooks that fit into each (from step 7). Capture the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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