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It Is Important to Identify and Meet the Individual Needs of Learners - Research Paper Example

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This paper "It is important to identify and meet the individual needs of learners"analyses that meeting each student’s individual needs can be a difficult task for educators. However, doing so is essential for the preparation of these learners to become effective and active in their lives…
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It Is Important to Identify and Meet the Individual Needs of Learners
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Extract of sample "It Is Important to Identify and Meet the Individual Needs of Learners"

Download file to see previous pages As a teacher, planning is one of the very essential roles as it helps in directing or guiding me in delivering. My planning depends on the various individual needs identified; that prompt me to apply the necessary teaching strategy. This dependency is due to my requirement to ensure that these needs of my students are all properly attended to within my planning. Without this planning, it would be difficult to meet the individual needs of every of my students, and many of them might not follow in line with the curriculum. Therefore, it may result in dissatisfaction and/or de-motivation to the students and me as the students would feel not well catered for and I may feel I have underperformed in my teaching role as a planner. Also, it is a part of my teaching responsibility to allow the involvement of learners in the planning of assessments. Since learners are not to be subjected to surprise tests, I always involve them in the planning process while giving them chances to make their suggestions. This way, they may not feel put in overwhelming situations. Furthermore, they will have a feeling of a sense of ownership. That way, the planning process can meet every learner’s individual need, by the consideration of different resources that enhance effective and fair test. It is the responsibility of a teacher that requires me to implement/deliver teaching according to design and plan while including diversity and equality promotion. It is essential for educators to recognize the influence of culture on learning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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