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Human dignity and diversity - Assignment Example

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They are based on utmost respect for human dignity. Yoshino a young lawyer and gay person argues the hypocrisy of law and society in acceptance of human being with certain…
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Human dignity and diversity
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"Human dignity and diversity"

Download file to see previous pages The next stage is where the persons begin to accept that they are either gay or black or non-white but then try to merge into the desired traits. They end up being hypocritical about themselves by either marrying a woman for a gay person or marrying a white person in the case of a black person. Such identification, they hope will gain the acceptance. Gay people are especially encountered with the challenge of not expressing themselves in public by holding hands or kissing. The society although impliedly and by the law in support of human rights fails to comply to its promises in action.
The society is hence hypocritical in support of gay people and such discrimination as concerns racism. For Yoshino who was both gay and Asian American living amongst Americans, the challenge is a personal experience and observation. It is therefore important from his insistence that the law follows to the letter such cases of human rights and discrimination in the society so that these groups are free to be themselves. Americans on the other hand along with other superior groups may focus on being central and not necessarily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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