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Transatlantic slavery:against human dignity - Book Report/Review Example

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Transatlantic Slave Trade is one of the most significant topics in the history of Europe,America and Africa,it is substantially regarded as critical in the history of the World.There are numerous authors who have produced several writings with distinct point of views and dimensions in the domain of transatlantic slave trade…
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Transatlantic slavery:against human dignity
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Download file to see previous pages Transatlantic Slave Trade is one of the most significant topics in the history of Europe,America and Africa,it is substantially regarded as critical in the history of the World.There are numerous authors who have produced several writings with distinct point of views and dimensions in the domain of transatlantic slave trade However, the chosen book to be reviewed in this paper is titled as Transatlantic Slavery: Against Human Dignity which has been edited by Anthony Tibbles. Tibbles has immensely deep association with the history of transatlantic slave trade in the perspectives of education and information. He is the keeper in the Merseyside Maritime Museum for the transatlantic slave trade in Liverpool1. It illuminates the excellence of Anthony Tibbles on this event of history and his association with it. The evaluation of his book will be explicated in the following headings. Description of the Book The book is comprised of seventeen articles which are written by numerous distinct writers from different cultures and countries. The diversity in the nature of articles due to its authors designates this book, a culturally vast scope to understand the real negative face of this historic event. All of the essays, including one which is written by Tibbles himself, provide all of the appropriate information regarding the transatlantic slave trade in an analytic and methodical manner. ...
All of the essays in the book provide methodic and analytic demonstrations of the occurrences which have its significant impact even in the contemporary world (Tibbles 2005). Europeans have been criticized on this argument from a long time, but this book proposes a slight more intense and a distinguished point of view in which the book also criticizes the historians and the scholars who did not have narrated a holistic description of the event. With all of these associations, the argument of Tibbles to illuminate the grave sins of the civilized Europeans in the form of enslaving and torturing the, so called, uncivilized Africans becomes more informative and captivating for readers3. Significance of the Argument The argument which has been, fundamentally, proposed by Tibbles, in his book, contains a substantially important association with the history of the World. The transatlantic slave trade is one of the most critical chapters of history which has its glimpse persistence in the contemporary societies of Africa, Europe and America. The problem of racial inequality among black men and white men was prominently intensified after transatlantic slave trade4. Europeans and Americans have been criticized for this brutal and inhuman event which has affected several lives of Africans. Slavery is generally considered as a negative entity in almost every culture, religion and society. Europeans and Americans are the most outspoken nations who condemn the persistence of the trend of slaves in their societies. The significance Tribbles’ argument is to be understood in this context. The importance and influence of this historic event makes this argument ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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