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Response - Essay Example

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! paragraph per paper will do. Make sure to appreciate the writer paper, thank you and ask questions. Here is the example of the comments
My responses were very similar to yours. I…
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Extract of sample "Response"

Read the two paper and response: Reflect and comments: Supports your ments with evidence. ! paragraph per paper will do. Make sure to appreciate the writer paper, thank you and ask questions. Here is the example of the comments
Example of comments
Hi Sabrina,
My responses were very similar to yours. I think peer buddies is a great idea, and a great way to encourage the development of  social skills in children with autism. Some of the benefits of the peer buddy system are:  "Peers are “experts” on social skills, peers are not as “stigmatizing”, peers are great problem solvers, peers are future supports,...and peers are readily available" (Carter, 2012). If this type of system is instituted at an early age it will also help all children become more accepting of those with differences. 
Carter, E., (2012). Evidence-based peer support strategies promoting inclusion, learning, and relationships for students with autism spectrum disorders reference. Information retrieved from:
These are the two paper that needs comment
Stephanie Paper:
1. Why did the researchers choose a play period to implement the social interaction intervention?
There are a variety of inventions that can be used to help children with autism develop social skills. I think that the researchers used playtime to implement the social intervention, because it allowed them to use both coaching/training techniques. Play time is an ideal time when children are able to communicate freely with one another in a carefree manner. The researchers picked this time maybe because they felt that the student with autism would feel less targeted by on lookers.
2. How could you implement this intervention in a situation other than play period?
The techniques of intervention procedures pre-teaching/modeling, prompting, and praise/reward can be used during lessons where teachers are practicing co-operative learning. Working at stations is also a great way to implement social skill intervention as they must work together sharing information at stations.
3. After training, what could you do to help students with autism improve their social interactions without prompting and reinforcement?
Positive reinforcement would help students continue with their social interactions. Praise often helps students feel better and confident about the situation. Also peer assistants can help build the confidence of autistic children by providing assistance until they reach a point when they feel they can interact independently.
Hi Stephanie,
The paper was excellent with clear and succinct points regarding the advantages of playtime sessions. One point that I really loved about the essay was where you recommend that positive reinforcement would help the students to gear up for social interactions in reality. This can also been confirmed by a research carried out which states that “positive reinforcement for desired target behaviors is highly effective in the education of children with autism” (Schmidt & Heybyrne 2004 p.2) However regarding the stations I do have questions as to how it would benefit the children with autism by sharing information on the stations ?
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Schmidt, C., & Heybyrne, B. (2004). Autism in the school-aged child: Expanding behavioral strategies and promoting success. Denver, CO: Autism Family Press.
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Mikala Paper:
1. Why did the researchers choose a play period to implement the social interaction intervention? The play period of school is purely social. Not that there are not other times where social activity occurs but the students are in a "freer" environment. This is a setting more appropriate to quickly separate the trainer and tutee if the opposite of the desired behaviors are happening. I, personally, think it is a better starting point than during an instruction period of the day. 
2. How could you implement this intervention in a situation other than play period? The assistant (or teacher) could have the student peer tutor another student in a content area they are strong in. They could still be given similar verbal prompts such as, "Johnny remember to ask Jane if she would like help on her Math. If she does explain to her a strategy to solve the problems. If she gets them wrong show her the error, if she gets them right say something nice about her work."
3. After training, what could you do to help students with autism improve their social interactions without prompting and reinforcement? I think having a student diagnosed with Autism participate in a jigsaw activity (pg. 194, Mastropieri & Scruggs) could be appropriate. They can work in a group and help present material to the rest of the class. I think any situation that lets the student showcase their academic talents as well as share with their peers is going to help the student improve social interactions (after coaching them that is). The text calls this type of motivation of affect "self-efficacy" (pg. 205, Mastropieri & Scruggs). 
Hi Mikala,
The paper uses the book itself to prove the reinforcement technique of a jigsaw activity which by itself is quite appealing in the paper. I believe that you have used a more direct manner in approaching the questions and used clear examples of guiding the autistic children in the right manner. This can surely help the autistic children to get a grasp of the whole situation. Moreover the jigsaw can act as a great motivational power for these students to learn as laid down by Deudney & Tucker in their book too. “Shields has compiled…..with young children with autism. They include: toys…(sorting joys, jigsaws…and Disney)” (Deudney Tucker & National Autistic Society 2003 p.18). These games can clearly help the children to create a learning environment.
Top of Form
Deudney, C., Tucker, L., & National Autistic Society. (2003). Autistic sprectrum disorders in young children: A guide for early years practitioners. London: The National Autistic Society.
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