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Approaches to Teaching and Learning - Essay Example

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They will primarily include presentation methods like teaching through multimedia presentations, teaching through demonstration on the white board, practical demonstration of…
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Approaches to Teaching and Learning
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"Approaches to Teaching and Learning"

Download file to see previous pages My approach would be to first form the theoretical foundation of every concept in the learners’ minds and then demonstrate practical work or supervise them as they engage in practical work in which they apply the theoretical concepts learned before.
I shall use direct instruction, informal instruction, inquiry-based learning, and cooperative learning randomly while teaching different techniques and topics so that students are never bored of the same teaching strategy and have something new to find in every session they attend. Besides, different learners have different preferred ways of learning (, n.d.), so this way everybody’s needs would be addressed. Occasionally, I shall also invite experienced health and beauty experts and professionals to share their experiences with the learners and provide them with an insight into the health and beauty treatments and techniques.
The strategies I shall use to enhance the learning of my students will include group discussions, demonstrations through tutorials on Youtube, group assignments, question and answer sessions, and circulation of journals. I shall foster a range of learning styles to achieve best results that would primarily include visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning style during the sessions of the first week. I shall design my sessions on different days in a week with strategies fostering different learning styles to accommodate the needs of all learners. Use of all these strategies would help me develop a holistic understanding of the techniques in the learners.
I shall use the VAK model to provide the learners with an opportunity to see which teaching strategy works best for them. The visual learning style involves the use of vision e.g. seeing and reading, auditory learning style involves the use of speaking and listening, while kinaesthetic learning style involves the use of touching and doing. “The VAK learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Approaches to Teaching and Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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