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Achievement Gap - Research Paper Example

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The issue of achievement gap in regards to the educational performance of students in learning institutions is not only an issue of concern in the United States since all most all countries across the World are faced with the same issue. In reference to the writings by…
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Extract of sample "Achievement Gap"

Download file to see previous pages that social equity cannot be attained in a society that still experiences achievement gap, and this is denotes that achievement gap is partly responsible for social inequity that prevails in numerous communities across the world.
The assertions above infer that the elimination of achievement gap can create a scenario whereby every student will be equally competitive in the job market after finishing school and therefore, all of them will have equal chances in getting employment as well as improving their livelihoods. The possible benefits of eliminating achievement gap has necessitated and motivated numerous research studies that seek to analyse this problem and thereafter recommend a proper solution that can contribute to the body of knowledge currently been heaped by numerous educationists across the World.
This present paper is a research project paper that seeks to contribute to the body of knowledge on achievement gap, is being continually developed by various educationists, psychologists, and other scholars across the World. In particular, the research will be field based, and problem based mini-research project on achievement gap.
This mini research project will focus on the achievement differences between White and Hispanic students, especially those in similar socio-economic classes in Southern California. The research project will use the Erle Stanley Gardner Middle school in Temecula, and Menifee Valley Middle school both in California as the research case studies and the researcher will seek to describe and analyse achievement gap that exists in these two schools. In this regard, the research project will provide background information about the two schools, causes of the gap, and how it might effectively be eliminated.
In the writings by Hernstein and Murray (1994), achievement gap is described as the persistent difference in terms of performance in educational measures such as standardized or common examinations, dropout rates, rate of college ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Achievement Gap Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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Prejudice: Root Cause of the Achievement Gap the academic achievement of students belonging to higher social class and students belonging to minor and lower social class. For example, the academic achievement gap between students belonging to African American and Latino ethnic background and students belonging to White ethnic background is so huge that it has become one of the most important problems in the field of education today (Slavin & Madden, 2002, p.74). The achievement gap between students from different social classes and ethnic backgrounds shows that the educational opportunities are not available to everyone on equal basis and the gap is a result of the...
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... performance, has related effects on other life sectors including social interactions. The observable increase in the achievement gap that comes because of difference in status (socioeconomic) emanates from a number of factors. The educational attainment of parents of children from high socioeconomic status is high compared to that of parents from low socioeconomic status. With high educational attainment, parents from high socioeconomic status tend to offer proper educational opportunities to their students. Such parents have a high level of enlightenment and appreciation of educational opportunities. Despite the various efforts geared at reducing the achievement gap, the low level of appreciation of the role of education, by parents...
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... access to better economic opportunity are able to obtain resources that help them in advancing their academic performance. Second reason that causes achievement gap is that these students belong to different backgrounds. Students belong to different cultures, beliefs, religions, and heritages. Students belonging to different backgrounds end up experiencing a difference in their performance in academics. Third, the teacher's sensitivity to others cultures can effect students success in their education. If the teachers are insensitive toward students belonging to different backgrounds, students may not be able to perform well in classroom. Furthermore, another reason for gap in achievement is parents’ education. This means that uneducated...
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... the existence of the achievement gap in the U.S. that different strategies were adopted to diminish this difference. According the National Centre for Education Statistics, the achievement gap “occurs when one group of students outperforms another group of students and the difference in average scores for the two groups is statistically significant” (NCES, 2015). References: National Centre for Education services.(2015).”Achievemnt Gaps.”National Assessment of Educational progress. Retrieved from on 6 December, 2015....  Achievement Gap in Education Schools across the U.S. have students performing at...
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The Gender Pay Gap is demonstrated by the fact that it is a consistent and widely observed phenomenon that women earn less than men (Becker, 1957/1985; Bergmann, 1974). Aside from this, there has been sufficient evidence that this form of wage discrimination exists in many cases for no other objective reason other than gender. This is proven by many examples of employers giving higher wages to men with the same position or qualifications as women.

Many academic and workplace studies have attempted to explain why this gap exists because such forms of discriminatory wage practices are a form of inefficient allocation of economic resources (Wharton, 2006; Blau & Kahn, 1992).

Since wages reflect the economic...
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Several recommendations for action are made.
In 1993, Harold Stevenson followed up his 1993 study of achievement among U.S., Japanese, and Taiwanese children (Stevenson et al., 1996). He found that U.S. fifth- and eleventh-graders (first- and fifth-graders in the original study) ranked below Japanese and Chinese students in both math and reading. When the top 10 percent of students were compared in terms of math, U.S. students were still a full standard deviation below the Asian mean.
Data also were gathered in 1993 to judge such things as parental and child satisfaction with achievement levels, and beliefs about the importance of effort versus ability. American parents were the most satisfied with their children's achie...
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Any company in the United States that has its stocks registered in a stock exchange, a public company, is obligated to pay for the services of a certified public accountant to provide them with an independent auditors report. The reappearance of fraudulent activity is the main reason the users of financial statements perceived that auditors are doing their job are there are partially responsible, fully responsible or accessories to the crime. These stakeholders do not understand that an audit of financial statements does reach the scope to discover this type of illegal activity. Financial scams such as the Enron fiasco could not be detected by powerful institutions such as the SEC, FBI, IRS or any other law enforcement or business...
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...Running Head: Gender Wages Gap in Australia A Study of Gender Gap in the Wages in Australia s Table of Contents Introduction 2. Methodology 3. Results 4. Interpretation 5. Conclusion Introduction The gender wages gap is a controversial issue that is often debated in the legal and economic context as well as social theoretical framework. It basically refers to the difference in the earnings of the males and females that indicates discrimination and inequalities in the labour markets (Tomaskovic and Skaggsm, 2002, p102). It is widely believed that a considerable gap between the earning of men and women radically exists almost in all the countries and despite several legislation amendments, implementation of certain rules and law...
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The business of the bleu is a web-based or ecommerce business that offers the customers the products from the outfit and accessorize from head to toe with five basic brands. Bleu is aimed at offering and meeting the customer’s requirements for a unique lifestyle. Currently, Bleu also established the business regarding the full range of “accessories and furnishings” for a business customer to individualize their home, with a unique style of living and wearing. This report will present detailed analysis of the Bleu ecommerce website marketing plan. This research and analysis report will present a comprehensive overview of the different areas of Bleu online marketing strategy implementation.

Bleu business...
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Auditing would make certain if there are understatements or overstatements in the accounting records of the company. All the reflected information in the overall result from the audited financial statements is being expressed in the audit report. The definition of audit and the role of an auditor perceived by the general public, financial statement users and auditors had contributed to the term called the “expectation gap.” This global fact was brought by a common misunderstanding between the role of the auditor and public perception. Ojo (2006, p.3) defines the expectation gap as, “the difference between what users of financial statements, the general public perceive audit to be and what the audit profession cla...
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... Income gap in China The difference between the earning rates between the rich and the poor is referred to income gap. The gap is also known as the middle class. The economy of china has developed faster since the development of the reform and open policy in 1978. But more recently attentions have been drown to more important and relevant potential contribution of inequality and poverty as discussed by Wan (2007). Information can be obtained from two sources: the annual national household income from the China Household National Income Project (CHNIP), and expenditure survey of the National Bureau of statistics (NBS). According to the data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the average growth rate in the last 10 years...
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Gap Year of High School

... al, 2008, p.695). Hence, students may seek some specific career direction on utilising the gap-year in a rational and sensible manner (Knoll, 2012). As a result, on their getting admission in some senior courses of studies, they come to know that they can achieve the degrees and certificates of their provided they keep on working hard after taking decision in the light of their aptitude and preferences (Gutner, 2008). Thus, they are in the position of adopting the same subjects they had once dreamed of. It mostly takes place under the situation when the students pass their exams and realise that they cannot undertake the courses they dreamt of. In most cases students have high expectations but when their results come they find...
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Gender Wage Gap in the United States

The gender pay gap is used to measure the making or earning differences between male and female in salaried service in the industry or labor market or it is the ratio of the median wages of men to the median wages of women, which designates the fraction of the median female wages that the median male wages stand for. When analyzing the participation of the labor market in conditions of men and women, the gender pay gap is one of the indicators used to determine gender discrimination in a country.
US people are facing this severe issue of pay differences due to the difference in the genders. This gender pay gap is not at all digestible because a country like the USA should establish an example of a standard economy with stand...
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