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The setting of a preschool class is dynamic. At times, the classroom is set in the traditional way where all children face the classroom front while the teacher faces the children. In this traditional classroom…
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Observation Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Enough space is left between the groups to allow the teacher move around the classroom.
The physical setting is characterized by drawings on charts placed on class walls. These drawings are mostly at the back wall and at times at the side walls. The front wall does not have these drawings. On the drawing are colorful. Letters and numbers are also written on these walls. Nouns are commonly written beneath objects drawn on the walls. Children were casual clothing while in preschool. However, some private schools require parents to dress children in uniforms. Male children mostly wear pairs of shorts. Female children are commonly dressed in trousers or skirts. Dialogue used in the preschool classroom setting is very interactive. It is mostly teacher-student or student-student. Gestures are highly utilized during learning. In most instances, children also respond collectively as per instructions of the instructor. Language used in very simple and direct. Short sentences are frequently used as opposed to long sentences.
Preschool settings are quite dynamic. Constant changes of a classroom setting are purposed not only to help children understand what is being taught but also to capture the attention of the pupils since they easily lose concentration. The traditional setting is used when the teacher intends to impact new knowledge to pupils. It is also used when children are perform individual tasks such as writing during dictation sessions. The traditional setting helps children focus on the contents written on blackboard. A cluster setting is used during group works. Its main purpose is help children interact with each other. Children easily loose concentration during the traditional setting. The cluster setting captures student’s attention due to pupil-pupil interaction. The physical setting of a class has charts and colorful pictures on the walls except the front. Children learn ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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