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Phenomenology approach - Research Paper Example

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Its construct that relies on the subjects’ subjectivity to understand motivational factors and behaviors offers a basis for…
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Phenomenology approach
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"Phenomenology approach"

Download file to see previous pages Its effects in academics and hands’ dependent activities hinder the victims’ performance levels and therefore put them at a disadvantage as compared to normal people (Nicholls and Jones, 2012). This research explores effects of technology in empowering people with fine motor skill disabilities in graphic design and is significant because an identified association will add value to the victims’ lives as well as to the scope of graphic design. The research explores the following question,
The research’s sample consists of college students who have been diagnosed with the disability, their parents, and their lecturers. Students will be identified from their respective college health record and their parents and lecturers identified. This will form a sample space that will then be selected, randomly, to generate 27 participants with at least 11 students. Data will be collected through personal observations and interviews. Both data collection tools will be used to collect data from the students while interviews will be used to collect data from the sampled parents and lecturers. Observation will involve witnessing the students’ attitude towards technological aids for graphic designs and their achieved success in design under the technological aids while interviews will involve experiences with the students’ interactions with the aids (Johnson and Chrisensen, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Critical Evaluation of Phenomenology as a Research Approach Introduction The last few decades have witnessed considerable increase in the interest and drive towards the application of phenomenology research approaches among researchers in the human science field, in general, and nursing in particular, to both nursing practice and education (Green and Holloway, 1997; Van der Zalm and Bergum, 2000). Van der Zalm and Bergum (2000) reports that this trend, which started late in the 1970s and early 1980s, was a result of the growing dissatisfaction, among nursing researchers, with the prevalent scientific practices of the time. A closer examination of the philosophical basis...
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... showed by being active in political causes and movements all his life. Phenomenology Like the existentialists, phenomenologists looked to the subjective experience of man as the starting point of philosophy. However, in phenomenology especially in the works of Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) an attempt was made to make a basis for certainty that was lacking in the assumptions of existentialism. Husserl believed that a phenomenology could provide a system to study the commonality in human consciousness. His "transcendental phenomenology" developed a methodology for investigating phenomena ("the world-in experience" as opposed to the world observed by the natural sciences) without making assumptions... as to their...
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..., the introspective function of this activity is self evident: numerous generations relied on it in order to understand the deep motives behind their actions which enshrined this sport as a traditional activity as well as religious ritual. Having examined the evidence which was presented in the paragraphs above, it is quite obvious that the a phenomenological approach is extremely suitable in this case as it puts a great emphasis on the significance of a certain activity from a broad perspective and examines the real place of it in the system of cultural experiences. In addition to that, one would make no mistake pointing out that this also urges researches to pay more attention to some aspects of culture...
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