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Inclusive education - Essay Example

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With regards to perceptions and the inclusion of children with disabilities in one’s own classroom, there are a host of knee-jerk reactions that the author would necessarily experience. The first of these is of course the innate human belief that by including children with…
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Inclusive education
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"Inclusive education"

Download file to see previous pages Rather than viewing the situation in such a way, the educator would do better to view the ultimate diversity that such a situation could bring to the table and work to make it beneficial for all involved.
Secondly, with regards to the perception that a teacher has with relation to a student with a disability, this has a prominent role with regards to whether the student himself/herself will achieve a level of success. In this way, the reader can be made intimately aware of the way in which perception of disability has a unique and powerful effect on the level of educational attainment that can be realized (Morsink, 1984). As such, the educator must be made aware of their engrained prejudices that exist so as to seek to identify these and work to lessen their effect on the application of education and the approaches that they exhibit both inwardly and outwardly with regards to the students with disabilities within their classroom. Not only is such an approach to disability disheartening to the child himself/herself, it also is oftentimes outwardly visible; although the educator may wish to conceal this, to the other students within the classroom. In this way, the preconceived notions of whether or not a student is able to integrate well with the other students, the course, and/or the material is oftentimes of far greater importance than whether or not the student is truly and innately capable of integrating with the material.
Ultimately, what the reader can infer is that the approach to the situation is what is most important from the educator’s standpoint. If one seeks to push back against the inclusion of children with special needs, they should only do so based upon concrete facts and/or evidence and not due to any preconceived and unsubstantiated beliefs with regards to the overall effect that such an inclusion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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