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Arts education interpretation activity - Essay Example

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Prisoner rehabilitation is one of the primary goals of reformatory authorities, including multiple stakeholder groups such as government, detention centre personnel, community leaders and even general society. There have been systematic problems in society in attempting to curb…
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Arts education interpretation activity
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"Arts education interpretation activity"

Download file to see previous pages ging from English proficiency to mathematics, however this fails to address the psychological and sociological problems that often serve as the catalyst for re-offending. In order to get to the root of what actually drives prisoner desire to continue a life of criminal behaviour, there needs to be more focus on establishing relationships with habitual offenders to alter these behaviours that pose risk and danger to the whole of society.
This serves as the appropriate rationale for the development and launch of an arts education program. Art education, at is foundations, delivers on social justice by promoting social inclusion, establishing emotional intelligence for cultural diversity, and also promotes a desire within arts-educated individuals to continue pursuing life-long learning. Why is this? Arts education inspires a sense of social inclusion for those in the prison system who currently feel alienated and shunned from the rest of society (Kotler Trust 2013). Prisoners can be taught the fundamentals of higher education routinely, which would certainly build their competencies in mastering knowledge. However, only arts education maintains the potential to alter social attitudes and create important psychological connections between culture and the self, thereby inspiring an individual within the prison system to explore maximising their own potential. This proposed arts education pack is designed to build psycho-social strengths within conflicted and frustrated prison populations for long-term rehabilitative outcomes and removing risks from society from those prisoners unable to find appropriate cultural connections that motivate compliance with the social order.
The term arts can be interpreted in many ways, including tangible renditions of sculpture, paintings, and music. For this arts education program, however, the intangibles of arts as it pertains to cultural awareness and cultural inclusion make up the foundation of how this education program will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arts Education Interpretation Activity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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