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These different strategies impact each student differently influencing their ability to conceptualize and later recall taught concepts. Therefore, teachers strive to incorporate different…
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Week 3: Memories of past strategies; discussion
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Memories of Past Strategies Teachers rely on different strategies when delivering their content in room settings. These different strategies impact each student differently influencing their ability to conceptualize and later recall taught concepts. Therefore, teachers strive to incorporate different strategies into their lesson plans in order to appeal to the diverse preferences of their students. Discussed below are three strategies that I have found useful in contributing to my understanding and remembering of taught concepts. These include; explanations, demonstrations, and visual supports (Killen, 2006).
My grade 11 History teacher relied on explanations as her main teaching strategy. She explained effects and causes of significant, past historical events in a way that allowed my imagination to run wild envisioning, almost relieving those events. Moreover, she ensured her explanations remained sensitive to the cultural and linguistically diverse students in her classroom. As a result, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of historical concepts while remaining ethnocentric (Killen, 2006).
Mathematics is a practical subject best understood when teachers incorporate demonstration strategies into their lesson plan. For example, demonstration of a process strategy enables teachers to explain step by step concepts to their students. In retrospect, my ability to successfully workout both simple and complex mathematical calculations is as a result of all my mathematics teachers demonstration skills (Killen, 2006).
Visual support strategies remained a common strategy embraced by all my teachers. I remember it was easier for me to retrieve verbally taught concepts that my teachers explained using visual aids, for example, pictures or graphic organizers (Killen, 2006).
Killen, R. (2006). Effective Teaching Strategies. Australia: Cengage Learning Australia. Read More
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