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The Transition to Group Decision Making in Child Protection Cases: Obtaining Better Results for Children and Families - Essay Example

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A team refers to a group of people who come together so as they work as one in an interdependent and cooperative manner in order to meet a certain objective (Hardingham, A & Institute of Personnel and Development, 1995). They can be formed to work in the short or long term. Team…
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The Transition to Group Decision Making in Child Protection Cases: Obtaining Better Results for Children and Families
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"The Transition to Group Decision Making in Child Protection Cases: Obtaining Better Results for Children and Families"

Download file to see previous pages It normally involves a meeting that brings the child’s family, professionals and any caregiver together to make sure that best decisions are made on where the child will be placed and the safety of the child. Some of the underlying values and believes of team decision making in this case are that families have the strength and can change. This suggests that even if parents may have their short comings when raising a child, there is a possibility for them to change through counseling, rehabilitation and through the help of other family members. This is so as to ensure the parents get an opportunity to regain custody of the child (Hamilton, 2007). Secondly, families need a chance to show their strengths by setting up opportunities for them to provide input on the placement of a child during the team decision making process for better decision making. Thirdly, it is believed that families are usually experts in issues that affect them as they can be able to help in determining where it is best to place a child depending on conditions that have made the child be placed. Finally, it is always seen that during decision making, a group is usually more effective than an individual. This is because better decisions are made for the family and child as there is usually more information available. There is also the development of creative ideas due to active participation from everyone involved.
Some of the models used in team decision making include; the use of majority votes, where the decision is discussed until 51% or more members make a decision. This method has the advantage where decisions are made faster; however, there is normally lack of full interaction. There is also the use of consensus that ensures a collective decision is arrived through an effective and a fair communication process, and all team members feel listened to and valued. Finally, there is the use of a minority ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Transition to Group Decision Making in Child Protection Cases: Essay.
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