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In the paper “Three questions of Hillel” the author describes the best advice he ever gained in form of a saying by the famous Hillel. Hillel proposed three questions in which he stated that individuals should take care of themselves and stand up for themselves…
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Three questions of Hillel
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Three questions of Hillel
The best advise I ever gained in form of a saying by the famous Hillel, Hillel proposed three questions in which he stated that individuals should take care of themselves and stand up for themselves and if they fail to do so, there will be no one in the world who will stand for them. He further stated that if an individual is acting and behaving to secure his own interest, he is selfish and is not worthy of others help and assistance and he further stated that one should not wait for tomorrow and should take measures immediately. These sayings have been interpreted by many and have been used by many. These are inspirational words for me as they motivate me in working for the best interest for myself and the people around me. After being advised with these sayings, I felt that if I have to achieve something in life and make my life good, I will have to work towards it myself and when ill work hard to achieve my aims and objectives, I will be helped by God in achieving those aims and objectives. These sayings even helped me learn that I should not only focus upon my own self interest and should even take into consideration the interest of others while conducting any activity and this behavior of mine will be liked by God. The end of the saying which states that individuals should act instantly in the right manner and not wait for the right time as the right time is not in the future, instead it is right now. I gained this advice at a very early age and I learned that I should act in the right manner and in a virtuous manner during my youth and should not wait for my adult ages to decide about my action plan. These sayings were put in the form of questions by Hillel because he wanted individuals to ask these questions from themselves when ever they are under the situation of making a decision. These sayings have always been the guidance of all the decisions I have ever taken. While taking any decision that might result in effecting me along with others around me, I have scrutinized options in accordance to these sayings. These sayings have provided me a step by step guide to solve any problem. When ever I face a decision making situation, I first analyze what are my interests and how can I safeguard my interest. While pursuing my personal interest, I ensure that the interest of the others is not compromised and once I select an option that is viable for my self interest as well as the self interest of others, I take actions. According to the utilitarianism view of ethics, those decisions are considered as ethical that does not only benefit the decision maker; it even benefits the overall society. These sayings are in compliance with the ethical decision making process proposed by utilitarian theorists.
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Three Questions of Hillel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
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