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Data Analysis - Essay Example

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The paper provides a descriptive statistics and pictorial representation of incidents in the region.
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Data Analysis
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"Data Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Most of these incidents are of different nature which is due to the lack safety measures adopted by the people. Many incidents have been recorded in the year 2012 which occurred due to the avoidance of wearing a helmet while climbing mountains which results in head injuries when people fall off from greater heights. The particular injury is very critical because it provides little chances of survival (LAMRT, 2012).
Injuries can occur due to poor weather can easily result in a death of a person. Casualties occur if weather is not forecasted by people and even a slightest storm can end a life of a human being. However, rarely it has been reported that casualties occur due to bad weather because the rescue team spreads awareness to the people on ground in taking precautionary measures against bad weather. An incident number 89 was reported that a woman became ill due to heavy rain and was escorted to the hospital for further treatment. Similar incidents have been reported due to which people were found missing until they found the rescue team to escort back to their camps (LAMRT, 2012).
Leg and ankle injury is common in Lake District because there are many casualties reported by the rescue team because the ground is very steep and slippery in nature and requires deliberation in maintain balance on the ground. An incident number 85 in 20012 was reported to have lower leg injury which was occurred due to wet grounds on the field of Lake District. However, the woman was rescued by the team and received a minor injury. One amongst three casualties is reported for leg injury due to wet grounds (LAMRT, 2012).
Navigational errors are frequent in nature due to which people lost their way back to camp or get delayed to return. An incident number 79 was reported to have lost their way due to navigational error at the Gibson Knott. As it was dark they were lost and standing there waiting for light to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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