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The four areas where teachers as leaders can share in decision making process are: school culture; Learning environment; relationship building; and students’ achievement. The decision making processes are important ingredients of leadership initiatives that greatly facilitates…
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Teacher Leadership - Deciion Making
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The four areas where teachers as leaders can share in decision making process are: school culture; Learning environment; relationship building; and students’ achievement. The decision making processes are important ingredients of leadership initiatives that greatly facilitates growth and productive outcome. Within an academic environment, the role of teachers as leaders become critical because they are better equipped to share important decisions with the students, colleagues and administrators for improving the overall school performance (Roby, 2012).
The school culture fundamentally relies on sharing values, beliefs and visions of school which highlight high standard of ethics and moral considerations. They are designed to inculcate sense of responsibility and accountability so that they can grow up into responsible adults. The teachers as leaders share decisions which promote shared goals and higher sense of social responsibility within students.
Shared decisions also become strong facilitator for creating effective learning environment for students (Hasham, 2010). When teachers encourage decision making through informed choices, students are motivated to learn more skills and tend to pay more attentive in their classes.
In the current environment of rapid globalization and changing social dynamics, understanding cross cultural values become hugely pertinent issues for building constructive social relationship. Indeed, teachers as leaders are in a position to influence students’ outlook towards diversity and encourage positive relationship building amongst students coming from diverse background.
School culture that thrives on excellence is intrinsically linked to shared decision making process and collective goals as defined by educational leaders. Various processes and events like celebrations, acknowledgement, sharing of stories of high achievement, ceremonies to award students etc. serve to inspire students for higher academic achievement.
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Hasham, Elham S. (2010). ‘The Art of Decision Making’ in Institutions of Higher Education, Advance in Management, 3(2), 59-65.
Roby, Douglas E. (2011). Teacher Leaders Impacting School Cultures. Education, 131(4), 782-790. Read More
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