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Summary website under videos and view "inclusion-a parents Perspective (Bernie-Graduate Student)" Summarize Bernie’s perspective on inclusion and describe how his perspective either corresponds with or differs from yours with regard to inclusion. 
Bernie’s perspective…
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Download file to see previous pages Inclusion needs to be early on, there could hardly be any argument against it. Being special doesn’t mean they need to be out into nursing care like facility and they need pampering. Special children also have fighting spirit and they can adapt themselves up to amazing levels. Administrators and authorities need to capitalize on this.
Bernie got included early on and it helped him and the children around him to adapt, who didn’t think it was a big deal, they didn’t consider Bernie and alien. They just took it like a normal thing and naturally got used to him. Some habits developed in earlier stages of life are always better.
Bernie also points out how important ‘early inclusion’ is not just for the adaptation maneuver but for honing and developing academic skills of the person. Bernie deems it a great thing that happened to him because he felt more comfortable with the academics. He got hold of the complex things early on.
Special children also develop their brain and they need to exercise it with various challenges. Otherwise just like any other person, their brain would turn into mush. And when they will be ‘included’ later on in their life, they will probably not be able to cope with the new challenges with the dexterity and confidence that an ‘early include’ will.
Many times during the interview, Bernie refers to ‘other kids’. For instance he says that what it felt like to be the ‘other kid’ what challenges they were facing and where Bernie stood in his achievements. This gave him a sense of heightened urgency that he needs to catch up with them, but under his own terms.
This shouldn’t be confusing. To prove my point, here is the idea in plain words; special children cannot compete with ‘other’ children on the same level. Expecting them to be as good as others would be just a dream (I do wish it would come true). However, when Bernie was with other kids, Bernie became more realistic of his abilities and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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