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Critically discuss your current understanding of the role and importance of interaction in teaching and learning gained from your independent reading and research - Essay Example

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Studies reveal that student’s contribution in class amounts to 30% of talks. This arises when a teacher is in class, and imparts knowledge on the students. Studies reveal that during the process of talking,…
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Critically discuss your current understanding of the role and importance of interaction in teaching and learning gained from your independent reading and research
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss your current understanding of the role and importance of interaction in teaching and learning gained from your independent reading and research"

Download file to see previous pages The main purpose of their questions is to explore the environment around them, and learn as much as they can from their older peers, or parents. When they grow up, and in classrooms, the numbers of their questions drop significantly. There are three kinds of classroom interactions, namely teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, and student to others interaction. Others refer to the invited guests, or speakers who possess a particular knowledge that they want to impart on the student (Brooks et al, 2007).
Interaction in a learning process is an important element of learning, and this is because it creates a culture of learning, and encourages students to take responsibility of their learning process, and outcomes. This paper analyzes the role and importance of interaction in the process of learning and teaching (Capel et al, 2005). This paper denotes that interaction is an important practice in the teaching process and any educator must practice this policy in order to achieve efficiency while imparting skills, and disseminating knowledge.
Interaction in teaching and learning enhances efficiency in the use of language, therefore creating an efficient communication process amongst the various parties concerned. Gardner observes that by efficiently using a proper and understandable language in a class room set up, an instructor gets the capability of disseminating knowledge and information to the learners (1999). During interactive sessions, a leaner manages to develop his or her use of language. This is because they express themselves; in the process of asking a question, or making a point.
By using language effectively, an instructor gains the capability of imparting knowledge by using the necessary resources and materials. Gardner (1999) denotes that this will enable a student to acquire a wider base of knowledge, and therefore enhancing the process of learning. Effective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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