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Applied Linguistics (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) Applied Linguistics Question one The process of Second Language Acquisition relies heavily on the role of input, interaction, and output for the optimal development of fluency. The failure by learners in speaking a second language fluently is the cause of input and output effective application…
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Applied linguistics
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"Applied linguistics"

Download file to see previous pages The input that a learner receives has been identified as a major contributor that affects the acquisition of a second language. The importance of the input given to a learner was emphasized by Stephen Krashen who advocated for comprehensible input as the solution to acquisition of a second language (Hunston & Oakey, 2010). Input is invariably determined by the amount of time granted to the learner and thus the longer the time allocated the better a learner becomes in speaking a second language. Input can be enhanced by personal reading habits of the learner (Ortega, 2009, p. 60). Learners who are committed to reading books written in the second language of choice are at a better place than their non-reading counterparts are in speaking the language fluently. Voluntary reading of books can be termed as one of the best-input tools, and the results justify the significance of input in the learning process (Hunston & Oakey, 2010). The importance of the type of input in the acquisition of a second language cannot be overemphasized as grammatically sequenced processes have been found to be ineffective. The use of sequencing should be limited and the process should be limited to individual learner’s abilities. However, input is not the only solution in the learning process and more alternatives have to be accommodated. ...
might undergo significant lessons in language their communication might not be as sharp as that of those learning the language in France or a French-speaking nation. The interaction hypothesis emphasizes on the conditions that are present during the learning process. The interaction of a learner in the second language is crucial in developing fluency and deeper understanding of the actual meaning of certain words. Interaction entails using the language in day-to-day activities. The interaction phase is conducive when there is some sort of breakdown in the communication and a learner is forced to negotiate for the meaning (Ortega, 2009, p.63). This insinuates that for communication to be successful a learner should be in a surrounding where they can use the second language in their activities. The interaction phase is important in helping learners in simplifying input and pushing them to modify parts of their speech. The output hypothesis plays an important role in a person’s attempt of learning a second language. The output process essentially assists learners of a language by providing them with the necessary feedback (Hunston & Oakey, 2010). The output of the process should be comprehensible to the learner for maximized automation of their knowledge of the new language. Finally, the importance of the output hypothesis in the process of acquiring a second language is assisting individuals in concentrating on the form and nature of their communication. The input process can also pose a challenge in SLA for example if too much emphasis is placed on classroom teachings (Ortega, 2009, p. 60). The teaching of a second language primarily in the classroom can be part of the hindrance to the acquisition process as emphasis is placed on vocabularies instead of literally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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