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As an academic institution, Bay Path College understands that its success depends on its ability to satisfy the needs of its clients and customers both internal and external. This requires active and full participation of committed and talented individuals regardless of their…
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Factors in hiring educational leaders
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Factors in Hiring Educational Leaders As an academic Bay Path College understands that its success depends onits ability to satisfy the needs of its clients and customers both internal and external. This requires active and full participation of committed and talented individuals regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities or age. By promoting an atmosphere that accepts and supports all persons, Bay Path College can begin to appreciate and value the strength that diversity provides in terms of ideas and styles contributed to the organization by all individuals (Bay Path College, 2012). Bay Path College emphasizes inclusion; it stresses the need for equal opportunities, identifies and respects the wide range of differences that the workforce brings to the workplace. It equally acknowledges the changing shape of the communities served. it is expected that all managers, employees and supervisors will affirm and fully cooperate in observing the company`s diversity.
These objectives can be achieved when Bay Path College enhances diversity through recruiting, retaining, and tapping the full potential offered by employees at all levels in the organization. Bay Path College`s diversity will indicate the population and socioeconomic circumstances of its employees at all levels within the organization and eliminate all possible biases that may be present in the workforce. Diversity compliments Bay Path College`s values of teamwork, empowerment, service quality, and leadership. It includes the way Bay Path College works, the working environment and utmost respect for ideas and people. Bay Path College`s diversity therefore includes all people and everything within the organization. The company`s diversity extends beyond discrimination based on gender and race; it includes race, education, work and personal history, function, a person`s personality including his or her lifestyle, geographic origin, sexual orientation, his or her tenure with the organization, non-merit or merit status, and managerial or non-managerial position held. It also includes varying styles of management, different ways of thinking, skill levels, leadership abilities, viewpoints, experiences, and different ways of delivering services, and expression of thoughts as long as all individuals consistently share the values of the organization. Bay Path College further believes that diversity encompasses family status, communication styles, organization role, military experience, religion, and levels of responsibility, geographic locations, first language, work styles and work experience. All these components perform a critical role in shaping expectations, experiences, and value systems (Buchanan, 1998).
The policy of Bay Path College is to ensure that it makes diversity an integral component of its day-to-day management and education activities. The company`s current and future workforce will be enriched by bringing in individuals from all value systems, backgrounds, perceptions of the globe. By guaranteeing a diverse workforce, Bay Path College appreciates, acknowledges, and respects the differences recognized in each individual including the various approaches, perspectives, and individual competencies observed in people we work with, and populations served across Massachusetts. As part of the college`s management philosophy, maintaining diversity helps the organization to develop a positive working environment where all employees are accorded the opportunity to reach their full potential, and give maximum contribution towards its mission. Similarly, this management philosophy promotes Bay Path`s employees to demonstrate their cultural adeptness in their dealings customers and other Bay Path College stakeholders.
To promote academic excellence not only in Massachusetts but also in the entire United States and the world as a whole, Bay Path College must continuously recruit a multicultural workforce. In addition, it must encourage a work environment that is not only fair but also nurtures all employees through team cohesiveness, networking, innovation, motivation, and effective results. A workforce that is culturally diverse with various perspectives will serve the college`s customers (students), the public, national and international stakeholders much better. Bay Path`s diversity statement will be guided by the organization`s principles that include dynamics of differences among employees, undertaking routine self assessments, embracing and institutionalizing cultural knowledge, and fitting within the cultural contexts of the communities it serves (Coleman, Palmer & Winnick, 2008).
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