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As a teacher, I may opt to seek help from outside of the school in order to find out the most appropriate ways of communicating with Nora until she is able to confide in me the details of her case. Besides the insights provided by the specialists conferred with, I would make it…
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B. Activity
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What would you do to address the situation? Who would you communicate with outside of the room? Where does your role as the teacher start and end in terms of helping her?
As a teacher, I may opt to seek help from outside of the school in order to find out the most appropriate ways of communicating with Nora until she is able to confide in me the details of her case. Besides the insights provided by the specialists conferred with, I would make it a point to conduct research and studies, inasmuch as my schedule could allow, to determine the nature of Nora’s condition as whether it occurs due to an ensuing mental illness or something induced by emotions toward a social or physical environment. In class, I could attempt to incorporate a special lesson that would enable my students to participate in an activity of sharing views or opinions. This way, I would be able to figure out how different Nora is compared to the rest of her classmates in terms of the level of creativity, resourcefulness, and especially the manner by which she expresses herself as well as the content of all her responses. Her degree of responsiveness on certain issues discussed would aid me in detecting an aspect of her conflict.
Moreover, I would continue to keep in touch with Nora’s friend in private for updates and probably ask how Nora is coping with her concerns at home or any parts of the community beyond school. I think it might help to advise Nora’s friend to stay by her side during the moments she appears disturbed or bothered to see how his or her comforting presence may prevent any tendencies of self-infliction by Nora. If I can get her to open up to me what the real problem is behind her cutting of wrist in this process, my role as a teacher I suppose could go as far as communicating with her parents, yet only at the hint of her consent or whenever she feels ready. Meanwhile, I ought to proceed teaching the class, of which Nora is part, the essence not merely of academic endeavor but even the values associated with overcoming life’s difficulties. Read More
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