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Amtrak Travel - Scholarship Essay Example

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In the paper “Amtrak Travel Scholarship” the author describes a successful career in aviation. His mindset is on destination-to-destination travel at greatest speed, even faster than sound as modern jet travel brings. An Amtrak Travel Scholarship may make a difference…
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Amtrak Travel Scholarship
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Extract of sample "Amtrak Travel"

Amtrak Travel Scholarship As a looking forward to a successful career in aviation, my mindset is on destination-to-destination travel at greatest speed, even faster than sound as modern jet travel brings. At the outset, train travel appears slower, possibly less efficient in case of transfer routes, but an Amtrak Travel Scholarship may make a difference.
Planned ahead, it can mean seeing my part of the world, America, not from far above the skies, but on solid ground with low environmental impact. Availing of a train getaway’s spacious cars and comforts in travel, I can see breathtaking sceneries and experience hidden treasures of land, people and cultures. Already, I wish to look beyond seeing rugged coastlines, beautiful canyons, and unspoiled forests and majestic mountains. For me, train travel offers priceless social amenities as well, particularly as I travel with fellow Americans who patronize Amtrak for its safe, comfortable and affordable vacation, business or adventure packages. Together, we can experience while on route the freshness, breadth and buoyancy that characterize American lifestyle.
Already, I have prepared a travel plan which starts with Amtrak’s historic multi-tour along the east coast strip where America as a country was born, then cut across for a coast-to-coast journey to the west along the footsteps of our early pioneers. Finally, I wish to try Amtrak’s awesome northeast route which will take me at 150 miles per hour bullet speed to the end of my roundabout journey of a lifetime, namely Washington, D.C. the nation’s hub (IndependentTraveler.Com). As a whole, I wish to see myself as having gone through the greatest railway journey I can experience. And even a professional aviator, I can see myself high on the stratosphere with foot happily set on the ground.
Reference (n.d.). US Train Travel. Retrieved 16 Nov. 2012 from Read More
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