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Advantages and disadvantagess of power point presentation - Research Paper Example

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The prolific use of PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) could not be ignored since it pervaded vast sectors and improved dissemination of relevant information to a specifically identified target audience. As much as PPT have already been proven to have benefitted the academic sector…
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Advantages and disadvantagess of power point presentation
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Extract of sample "Advantages and disadvantagess of power point presentation"

Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint Presentation Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint Presentation The prolific use of PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) could not be ignored since it pervaded vast sectors and improved dissemination of relevant information to a specifically identified target audience. As much as PPT have already been proven to have benefitted the academic sector (James, Burke, & Hutchins, 2006), there were findings that reveal its misuse in contemporary American higher education classrooms (Gurrie & Fair, 2010). In this regard, the current discourse identifies the advantages and disadvantages of PPT.
The advantages noted in PPT use include “a positive influence on perceptions of learning and on testing performance” (James, Burke, & Hutchins, 2006, p. 377); ease and convenience in use; simple and concise to relay highlighted points to be discussed; assists in effective cognitive recall; and assisted in increasing classroom attendance (James, Burke, & Hutchins, 2006, p. 376).
On the contrary, PPTs were likewise revealed to ““trap” instructors into bad teaching practices” (Klemm, 2007; cited in Gurrie & Fair, 2010, p. 24); “not all students are learning from PowerPoint presentations” (Gurrie & Fair, 2010, p. 29); minimizes interaction and rapport between teachers and students (James, Burke, & Hutchins, 2006); and restricts the use of other innovative and creative technological applications which could provide enhanced learning and stir students’ interests on diverse subjects and endeavors.
Overall, as much as PPTs have been proven to be beneficial in classrooms and organizational settings as a tool to provide enhanced learning, there are set-backs on relying too much on them. As such, users and presenters must think of ways to entice audience appeal to ensure that technological applications such as PPTs would continue to serve its ultimate purpose and to maximize the potentials for learning.
Gurrie, C., & Fair, B. (2010). Power Point--from Fabulous to Boring: The Misuse of Power Point in Higher Education Classrooms. Journal of the Communication, Speech & Theatre Association of North Dakota, 23, 1-76.
James, K., Burke, L., & Hutchins, L. (2006). POWERFUL OR POINTLESS? Business Communications Quarterly, 69(4), 374-396.
Klemm, W. (2007). Computer Slide Shows: A Trap for Bad Teaching. College Teaching, 55, 121-124. Read More
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