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Collaborative Learning Community - Essay Example

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The practice/application component is the execution of the prepared lesson plans whereby the intended lessons are actually taught to the students. Depending on the type of lesson that needs to be taught, the application varies…
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Collaborative Learning Community
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"Collaborative Learning Community"

Download file to see previous pages Through the process of fun, teamwork and engagement students can learn effortlessly.
This process relates to the respective indicators in each of the module by using specific methodology that achieves the assessment goals. The methods used enable students to describe numerous items (parents, siblings, etch), able to express and identify their emotions as well as of others through games. For example, in the theme of Food and Taste, identification of foods and their taste were done through a ladder game where the class were formed into teams and recall as many adjectives they can about the object presented. In the same manner in the language and communication theme, the class is engaged in a bingo game where they identify facial expressions depending on the description used and concluded with a spinner game whereby they draw a word and express what they feel using that word. There is also a writing activity whereby students are form into teams and help each other use every word they know to describe the word on their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Collaborative Learning Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Collaborative learning a mass education environment. Moreover, group work provides an authentic form of assessment in terms of a student's later employability. This is because; working in groups is an essential part of an individual's career and instills skills and qualities such as teamwork, leadership, project management skills and communication skills (Byrd & Luthy, 2010). 2.2 Disadvantages of Collaborative Learning Despite the advantages of collaborative learning, it faces a number of disadvantages. Underwood (2003) argues that co-operation may be effective but socially unacceptable. This means that while groups are an effective tool in the learning...
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