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Introduction and Presenting Of the Research Problem - Essay Example

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This research study “Introduction and Presenting Of the Research Problem” aims to establish how blogging as a collaborative learning tool can increase effective communication and increase student academic achievement in mathematics. …
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Introduction and Presenting Of the Research Problem
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"Introduction and Presenting Of the Research Problem"

Download file to see previous pages Research suggests that, little contact time is available between educator and students to address issues of concern. The curriculum is packed and is driven by and through assessment, but time constraint has an influence on teaching and learning. This study aims to establish how blogging as a collaborative learning tool can increase effective communication and increase student academic achievement in mathematics. This study will also establish whether the peer-to-peer interaction will increase when working through mathematics problems via blogs. (Phillips, Norris, & Macnab,2010). The use of blogs in learning has benefits to students, teachers and other individuals involved in the learning process. Research has illustrated that blogs enhance more active participation and questioning by students, and deeper understanding of topics as a result of sharing facts and dialogues. Blogging has also increased commitment to quality by students when material is likely to be exposed to a wider audience. This has led to an increase in independent learning and the amount of work completed out of school hours. It also gives opportunities to the teacher to extend collaboration beyond the classroom to the wider school community and into students’ homes, improvi8ng the regularity of communication with parents (Hyung, 2008). Through blogs, students learn how to be considered and constructive when providing feedback on each other’s work via blogs. Blogging has also increased commitment to quality by students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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