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The author of the following paper under the title 'How to Find a Job' focuses on instruction how to find a good job, it would be easier to find one if people look within their own network. It has an advantage both on the part and the prospective employer…
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How to Find a Job
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Looking for a job within my network could be available through trade associations of which I am a member or a somebody I know who is a member of a trade association that could recommend me. This way, I could send my resume personally or through a person I know easily.
Looking at a job this way may be easy to secure an interview because the employer is already receptive to me having known me or somebody has already recommended me. But it does not mean that I should not prepare. I may have the advantage but that does not mean that the job will be automatically given to me. Beginning from my resume, all should be done professionally that would make me a stand out. During the interview, I should profess my mastery of the job being applied for coupled with the professed ability to work well in teams and organization. I should package myself to be a standout by highlighting aspects of my capability that could get the job done. Read More
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(How to Find a Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 277 Words)
How to Find a Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 277 Words.
“How to Find a Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 277 Words”, n.d.
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