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The following paper “Challenges of Asian Immigrants in the USA” will discuss the problems experienced by Asian immigrants during their stay in the USA. Being an immigrant in the USA, it is very hard to find a job even with good academic qualifications…
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Challenges of Asian Immigrants in the USA
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Download file to see previous pages  The country has a culture of prioritizing the Native Americans and hence the immigrants find it hard to find a job. The job market is the USA is flooded making many people unemployed. This situation makes it difficult for Asians to find jobs in the USA. The expectations of the immigrants are very high due to the country’s economic position but in the end, they feel very disappointed (Waters, Mary and Karl 429). Most of the employers will be reluctant to choose an immigrant over an American. The employers have a perception that the Americans are better than the Asian immigrants in all ways.
To find a job, the Asians will have to obtain a work permit. Obtaining a work permit is very easy for Americans but very troublesome for the immigrant, the process that the immigrant is required to go through is very complex and most of them give up in the process. There is a lot of scrutinies and the requirements to obtain a permit are high. This is a discouraging factor to immigrant and most of them end up doing dirty jobs in order to survive. The interview I did on Kawon Kim Park who is an Asian immigrant proved that most Asian immigrants will want to study in the USA but not work in the USA. She was certain that after school she wouldn’t want to work in the USA due to the high competition, especially for the Immigrants.
According to a report by the AAPI initiative, the average poverty level of Asian immigrants in the USA is 12.6 which is below the average USA poverty level (AAPI initiative retrieved from Such a statistic creates the impression that life is difficult for Asian immigrants in the country.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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