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“Sarah Maddison argues that meaningful self-determination has never, in fact, been tried in Australia, and is likely to be far more effective in addressing indigenous disadvantage… (Maddison, S. 2009, n. p.).
Passivity, at its core, involves an abandonment of responsibility…
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Double entry journals/5 Double Entry Journal Articles
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Download file to see previous pages ivation of the human…it is a human experience of freedom and “endorsement of one’s actions at the highest level of reflection” (Deci & Ryan, 2012, n. p.).
The pull from self-determination – intrinsically motivating endeavors – to welfare dependency has to be the result of a societal condition. Policy changes, economic disruptions, political warfare…the conditions can be incredibly diverse.
Passivity – the act of non-action, but being acted upon – can become an incredibly overwhelming problem. If it is not the intention of the social responsible, passivity and dependency implemented against the intent of Indigenous people can create disability where it was not present before. Autonomy must somehow be reawakened to respect the spirit of values, beliefs, and culture. Conflict resolution is always important. I think concepts of agreement, compromise, common respect, and human rights under the law continue to be critical issues in the quests of constitutional rights. Legal representation and recognition are a means by which human rights and equalities can be put into humanistic perspectives. I ask, is it not feasible or possible that passivity,
“Everyone, everywhere, everyday…working towards a life of opportunity and dignity free from discrimination and disadvantage…is, in fact a basic human right – one we share in common” (AHRC, 2012, p. 1)
“Since the first children’s day and the adoption of the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child, we’ve seen some encouraging gains for our children, including in the areas of education and health…how is it that our children are 10 times more likely to be removed from their homes and families, or 26 times as likely to be in juvenile detention”?
“Every child in Australia – including every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child – has the right to grow up with their basic needs of shelter, food, health, family, care, culture, education, participation and protection” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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