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Explaining Mens Entry - Article Example

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This essay analyzes that ‘Explaining Men’s Entry into Female Concentrated occupations: Issues of Masculinity and Social Class’ by Ben Lupton has forced the people to look at the gender issue from a new perspective of men foraying into so-called women dominated area of work…
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Explaining Mens Entry
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Download file to see previous pages The article has focused on the social imperatives that may be responsible for men taking up jobs in female concentrated occupations.
The article, on the contrary, is a research study that has touched an aspect of the gender issue that is not voluntary but forced on the so-called dominating male. The author says that in the contemporary times, men are entering into female concentrated occupations but refuse to contemplate or accept the need for either crossing the socio-psychological barrier or making any efforts to bridge the increasing divisions within the social fabric. They are not entering into the so-called female occupation out of personal preferences but because they either do not have any option or their decisions are solely based on vested interests and career goals.
The article details the short research that was conducted on the odd 27 men, gives pertinent information regarding men’s behavior under different situational paradigm. The research methodology was focused on ‘interview’ that could have prompted the pre-meditated response. But at the same time, it has combined so many issues into one that the impact of the study has lost context and bumbles at the dark recesses of the research arena that are either already proved or have already been articulated by others. The research itself is confined to such small sample that it may not actually represent the true state of the issue in question.
The highlight of the research was that the men were perceived to have personalities that are focused towards self-interests and ego-based, which were often at the crossroad to the wider objectives of the workplace. The research has reasserted that masculinity is a major factor with men and have analyzed in a scientifically comprehensive manner that may not be easily understood by a common man. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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