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The paper 'The Proper Research Process' is focused on things like academic integrity, because people will always have a good idea of where the sources came from, and where a particular idea originated. Furthermore, it will probably make the final product more cohesive…
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The Proper Research Process
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 Not taking this step will either lead to committing academic dishonesty by failing to attribute an idea to a source, or lead to much more work as one has to re-research things one has already researched to find where the source originated. Secondly, well-structured research projects tend to be more cohesive, as every bit of research relates to the topic because the groundwork has been done beforehand to ensure that everything is on-point and focused. But most importantly, the structure simply makes things easier. If one does not structure a research project correctly (having a research question, doing preliminary research, focusing and so forth) one will waste a great deal of time researching things unnecessarily, backtracking over steps already taken, and so forth. Read More
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(The Proper Research Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 246 Words)
The Proper Research Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 246 Words.
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