Impact of Autonomy Mastery and Purpose on Motivation of Students - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment entitled "Impact of Autonomy Mastery and Purpose on Motivation of Students" focuses on the concept of autonomy that provides the student space and freedom to explore and discover not only new things but also on how to better learn…
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Impact of Autonomy Mastery and Purpose on Motivation of Students
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Extract of sample "Impact of Autonomy Mastery and Purpose on Motivation of Students"

This is very evident in classes where there are experiments. I was able to relate how new elements were created with a mixture of two different elements. I was really amazed by how it turned out and it provided me the impetus to experiment some more. I was having fun and at the same, I have been learning new things.
What impact do they have on your intrinsic motivation? Provide an example or anecdote
It motivates me more. Where classes used to be a drag and boring, suddenly it became something that I look forward to. My imagination flew and became more excited to see the lab and try out new things. It is refreshing when classes veer away from carrot and yardstick in motivating the student to learn (Pink, 2010)
This enhanced motivation defeated bore which used to characterize class. Suddenly, learning became more fun and time passed without me noticing it because I was so engrossed with the lesson. I can only hope that all classes will be taught this way to make learning more exciting and fun. Read More
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Impact of Autonomy Mastery and Purpose on Motivation of Students Assignment.
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