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W 5 Discussion Board: Wildlife Environmental Science - Essay Example

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These are the protected areas which cannot be exploited for any kind of construction, neither animals are hunted for skin and bones, rather animals are protected in these areas and they stay…
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W 5 Discussion Board: Wildlife Environmental Science
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Extract of sample "W 5 Discussion Board: Wildlife Environmental Science"

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Conservation Systems" National Parks and wild life Sanctuaries safeguard the animals in their natural habitat. These are the protected areas which cannot be exploited for any kind of construction, neither animals are hunted for skin and bones, rather animals are protected in these areas and they stay without trepidation.
People visit these protected areas to understand their natural habitat. One of the biggest advantages of developing National Park is the conservation of natural resources, both flora and fauna of that area which also includes some of the rare plant and animal species which otherwise get lost due to deforestation and converting forest area to the concrete area by constructing buildings, roads and other infrastructures. National Parks are the source of earning revenues as tourists like to visit National Parks to observe and study various animal and plant species in their natural forms, their interactions and their habits. Some of the rare species are protected from their predators in these protected areas. National Parks are the heritage sites and people visit these places not only for educational purposes but also for ethical reasons to be close to the nature, for recreational purpose, to be in fresh air for good physical and mental health. National Parks invite tourist and with that, it provides high level of job prospects to all those who are associated with tourism encompassing shops, hotels, restaurants, guides, drivers.
Although, National Parks are the protected areas, the disadvantages associated with these areas encompass crowding in the National Parks and wild life Sanctuaries which disturbs the normal life of the animals, making them more stressed and traumatised as a result they become aggressive and attack people. Moreover, National Parks are prone for smuggling of timber and animal skin. By adopting suitable measures, these disadvantages can be conquered meticulously.
What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of A National Park? (n.d.) Retrieved from Read More
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