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In the paper “Decision-Making and Problem Solving” the author describes how to conduct research. He has conducted several types of research throughout his career development and academic studies. Research remains to be a very essential tool in decision-making and problem-solving…
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Decision-Making and Problem Solving
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The two major approaches used in conducting research is a collection of secondary data or primary data (Ward & Wilkinson, 2006). However, in my research, I used both secondary and primary data. I decided to use primary data collected in the course of the research. To collect these kinds of data, I used a design of experiment with one of the learning institutions in these areas as my sample, which I divided into different groups and administered different treatments to each group.
The major resources used in my research were stationary and questionnaires. These were mainly for the collection of data used to draw a conclusion. I also had to compare the conclusion drawn from the data with information from the available literature concerning motivation and incentives. The main source of these works of literature was the internet although I also consulted several library information sources. According to Steneck (2009), there are various rules that govern research in which some of them are federal rules, authorship and publication rules and confidentiality rule. As a person who values research, I had to observe these rules from the beginning of my research to the end.
From this research, I found out that incentive plays a very great role in promoting students’ performance. However, I also found out that the roles motivation plays in enhancing students’ performance vary across the different types of motivation. I learned from this research that the outcome of research depends on the type of data collected as well as the number of elements used in the collection of these data.
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Decision-Making and Problem Solving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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