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Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills - Assignment Example

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This paper “Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills” is focussing only on the decision making and problem-solving skills of a manager in order to analyze the competencies of a manager. A manager’s profession is a complex one even though many people have the false assumption that it is an easy job…
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Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills
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Extract of sample "Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills"

Download file to see previous pages The Emerald article Developing Competent Managers, written by Tom Kilcourse argued that competences of managers are specific to organizational culture, and the individual needs to develop in parallel with the organization (Kilcourse, 1994). Decision Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Performance Management, Personal Organisation, Stress Management, etc are generally accepted as the necessary skills for a competent manager. This paper is focussing only on the decision making and problem-solving skills of a manager in order to analyze the competencies of a manager.

Management is a process that requires rapid decision-making abilities. Logical and effective decisions making abilities are essential for an effective manager. The manager has to take many decisions even in a single day for the effective functioning of the organization. The strength of the organization is in the effective decision-making abilities of the manager. Before taking a decision, the manager should consider two things: his authority to make the decision, the ethical validity of his decisions (SOUND DECISION-MAKING REQUIRES AUTHORITY AND WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISKS, 2008). Once the manager was sure about the above two aspects, he can proceed with the implementation part of his decision. In some cases, the managers may take decisions for which he may not have the authority. For example, a production manager has no authority to make a purchasing decision. Purchasing decisions should be taken by the purchase manager. The same way the purchase manager cannot advise the employees on production matters. In short, the managers should make sure that he has the authority to take a particular decision before implementing it.

Another important aspect of decision making is the ethical issues. The organization may have commitments to its stakeholders like the employees, customers, government and the society or community in which it operates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills Assignment.
(Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills Assignment)
Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills Assignment.
“Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills Assignment”.
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