How will basic business skills play a role in your professional life - Assignment Example

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What are the benefits of using loops in programming? Using the lecture and internet, research examples of loops in python and describe their functions. What is an example of a loop you might see in the real world?
Answer. Loops enable one set of instructions to operate on…
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How will basic business skills play a role in your professional life
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Extract of sample "How will basic business skills play a role in your professional life"

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Q.1. Study the following Python code. Walk through the code and explain what the result will be if the input is:
Weight = 120, height = 62
Weight = 200, height = 72
weight = int(input("Please enter your weight in pounds: "))
height = int(input("Please enter your height in inches: "))
bmi = weight/(height*height) * 703
print("Your bmi is: ",bmi)
if bmi Read More
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