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Why I Want to Have a Career in Computer Information System - Scholarship Essay Example

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The paper contains a letter in which the author states that a major in Computer Information System would be a better program for his/her fulfillment of the ambitions in life. Taking some Computer Information System courses made the author realize that he/she has a lot of potential for a career.   …
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Extract of sample "Why I Want to Have a Career in Computer Information System"

Conversely, it is evident that we are living in a fast-changing world powered by globalization and rapid technological advancement. In this case, a major in Computer Information System would help me achieve my ambition in life by enabling me to become equipped to join the information and technology world and develop the technology required to continue making the life of human beings better on earth. While emphasizing on the importance of changing my major to Computer Information System, humanity cannot live oblivious of the fact that experiences at home, school, and work are undergoing many changes due to the various technological advancements taking place in today’s world. Hence, as an individual who desires a career in a fast-changing environment, whereby I will always improve my performance while at the same time improving my knowledge, I believe that a major in Computer Information System will help me achieve this long-held ambition.   Read More
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(Why I Want to Have a Career in Computer Information System Scholarship Essay - 11)
Why I Want to Have a Career in Computer Information System Scholarship Essay - 11.
“Why I Want to Have a Career in Computer Information System Scholarship Essay - 11”, n.d.
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