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Computer Science provides a wide coverage for the students, from having knowledge on the theory part to the physical skills for computer solutions development. It offers strong foundation allowing graduates to have opportunities for adaptation of new technologies and ideas…
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Career Path Planning Report
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Download file to see previous pages Designing and implementation of software refers to the task of software development. This has grown to cover web development aspects, interface design, issues concerning securities, mobile computing among others. Most graduates usually follow this career path. Despite having taken a degree being sufficient to venture into this career, some graduates decide to undertake a master’s degree (Lopatto, 2004). Career opportunities is provided in various settings such as software companies, computer services companies, industries, health sectors, banking among other sectors. Coming up with new ways of computer use requires one to come up with various innovations in computer technology applications.
This pathway includes graduate work that is advanced, positioning one in an industrial research or research in a university. Coming up with effective ways in solving computing problems needs one to apply knowledge and theory in computer science to come up with solutions to computational problems. This needs graduate work to PhD level, later positioning in Research University or development laboratory or industrial research (Goode, 2008).
On completion of my computer science course, two career jobs of my choice are web designer and software tester. Having gained all the skills and knowledge over the years of my degree course, it would be easier to handle the two careers in the real life situation.
As a software tester, one is engaged in quality assurance level of development of software and deployment. The person is involved in conducting both automated and manual software tests to ensure their fitness for the purpose they are meant for. This career of software testing involves software and system analysis to eradicate risks and prevent other software issues. The software tester role is tied to development of software systems and other technical products such as electronic goods, vehicles, healthcare and defense. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Career Path Planning Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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