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These machines have substituted man power and even led to job replacements. Therefore, most individuals are taking up the initiative of learning computer studies so as to be…
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Download file to see previous pages For a school setup, the preeminent suggested computer placement arrangement entails the use of laboratories. In this setup, the placement of the machines should be done in the two 30-station computer labs. This method is suitable in this particular setting since the student’s improvement in learning computers can be closely scrutinized. Moreover, the vulnerability of destruction of the machines will be significantly reduced. In addition, the computer teachers are able to monitor the computers in order to avoid cases connected to theft of computers and the peripheral devices.
According to the lab station method, the computers are arranged in the room in an organized manner to prevent learners and other individuals from stumbling over the peripheral devices. In the arrangement of computers, in a lab, there are three main arrangement setups. They include computers arranged in clusters of four, horse shoe facing the walls and rows of computers facing the front board (Andrew, 2010). Experts prefer the use of the horse shoe organization method. This is because the lecturer is able to move around the lab pretty effortlessly in case any novice needs aid on something (Andrew, 2010).
In the horseshoe setting, the wiring method will be from the mains circuit to the feeder wires that will transmit power to the computers in the lab. In terms of security, the school should install an alarm system for the two lab rooms, and also introduce strict rules that will protect the computers from damage by the learners. Also, the arrangement setup should also consider that the lab is well aerated to prevent the machines from overheating. This will improve the effectiveness and performance of the computers (Tison, 1991).
On the one hand, the school board should pick apt and learned individuals who will be responsible for maintaining the computers and the computer labs. The selection made ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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