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Steve Jobs Role in Improving the Apple Company - Research Paper Example

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The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest in how did Steve Jobs creativity help him become one of the most important technology designers and made him improve Apple Inc.? The researcher aims to pay special attention to the issue of reinventing Apple…
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Steve Jobs Role in Improving the Apple Company
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that Steve Jobs was among the most successful inventors and innovators in the business world. Jobs most fashionable and expensive inventions include the iPhone, Ipad and the iMac. Most of Steve Jobs' products have great influence on the lives of people. Steve Jobs was an inventor and a marketer whose life is a good example of innovation, ambition, and determination. Born in San Francisco, Steve Jobs was abandoned by his parents and later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Steve Jobs studied at a nearby school, Homestead high school where he met future co-inventor, Steve Wozniak. After high school, Jobs later enrolled at Reed College, which, he later dropped out by not attending creative classes. In 1974, Steve Jobs became video designer before visiting India for a short period of spiritual enlightenment. In 1976, Steve Jobs and he friend, Steve Wozniak started the Apple computer. Steve Jobs helped revolutionize technology by making computers that were smaller, cheaper and easily accessible to consumers. Due to Steve Jobs inventory and creative mind, Apple Computer became a huge multinational and publicly traded company in 1980 owning a market value of $1.2 billion. He left the company only to return later, in 1996 as CEO. It was under Steve Jobs guidance that the Apple Company revolutionized the world of technologies by inventing the technologies such as the iPhone and iPad. These Apple products are some of the technologies that are dictating the evolution of modern world and technology. Despite his death in 2011, Steve Jobs creativity, inventions and entrepreneur nature made Apple company a powerhouse in the computer and technologies sector. According to Young and Simon, Jobs has a way to use technology and creativity to show the greatness of his abilities as evident from his improvements at Apple. The success of Steve Jobs and the Apple Company may be attributed to Jobs genius thinking and creative mind. Steve Jobs was an intelligent inventor who was able to develop unique technologies that stood out in the market. His creativity was evident in the way he designed and developed products at Apple. In addition to his creative designs and products, Steve Jobs helped the Apple Company rise to the top of the technology world through his efficient branding and marketing Campaigns. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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