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Through this, students are able to be enlightened and imparted with vital skills that can enable them perform their jobs optimally. Recent trends ascertain that technological…
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Adult Education or Training Graphic Organizer
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Adult Education or Training Graphic Organizer Adult Education or Training Graphic Organizer Introduction Education is a social sphere that contributes significantly to the effective functioning of the society. Through this, students are able to be enlightened and imparted with vital skills that can enable them perform their jobs optimally. Recent trends ascertain that technological education is requisite for effective functioning of all students. Due to its dynamic nature, most institutions are increasingly offering it at a higher education level. National trends with respect to quality of the education and participation in the same differ considerably. This is attributable to the varied resource capacities that individual countries have. It is against this background that this paper provides an explicit comparison of computer science PhD education in Germany and the USA. Higher learning institutions in both countries offer relative programs in this field of specification.
Computer Science Phd Education in the United States and Germany
The United States
According to statistical evidence more men than women enroll for this program (Borsdow, 2007).
Likewise, more men than women enroll for this program in the institutions of higher learning.
With respect to technology, institutions provide adequate technological resources
Provision of relevant technological resources is equally satisfactory as exhibited through distance training trends (Borsdow, 2007).
Content for the program is higher and therefore it runs for a longer term
Content of the program is lower and thus it runs for a shorter period of time
Tuition fees required to pursue the program effectively is high. The government offers limited resources that cannot effectively cater for the lengthy program
Tuition fees required to pursue the program is relatively lower; the government offers sufficient resources that effectively cater for the short term program
Proficiency in English language is a requisite for admission
Proficiency in German language is requisite for admission in this program
Most institutions offer sufficient facilities to cater for the unique needs of the disabled student fraternity
The government recognizes the presence of disabled individuals an provides sufficient facilities to cater for their varied needs
Enrolls a higher number of students in the program and has a relatively huge population to source students from. Thus the class rooms are larger and instructors teaching the subject are more.
Enrolls a comparatively lower number of students in the program and has a smaller population base to source students from. Hence classrooms are smaller and the professionals teaching the subject equally less.
The students at this level are drawn from diverse ethnic backgrounds. They include minority populations from Middle East, Asia and Africa.
According to Borsdow (2007) students in these institutions taking a Phd in Computer Science are drawn from a diverse population although the White population is predominant.
The learning environment provides for unlimited attendance of conferences and publication of research papers. However, funding for this is an individual basis
The learning environment and nature of program allows for limited attendance of conferences, public talks and publications of research papers. The government however funds for a significant percentage of publications made by the students.
In sum, the computer science program at the Phd level in both countries is comprehensive and tasking. As it has come out from the graphic presentation, there are distinct variations in the nature and quality of the respective program. As aforementioned, this is attributable to a host of factors that range from resource availability to legislative and institutional policies governing the program.
Borsdow, J. (2007). Comparison education systems in Germany and USA. USA: GRIN Publishing. Read More
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